i’ve been on a huge webcomic kick and i have to say, without a doubt, order of tales is one of my all-time favorites. it’s a masterful work of high fantasy with a brilliant world so intricate and well-designed that it’s easy to fall into. evan dahm is a wizard of storytelling, flawlessly weaving in the myths of his creation into the plot. it doesn’t hurt that the art is gorgeous either. no color is needed to present the lush world he’s woven for us—his characters and detailed art does that for us.

what exactly is order of tales about? it’s a story about koark, the last of a society of storytellers, whose greatest weapon is the rich arsenal of myths and legends that he has been entrusted with. at his father’s last request he searches for the mysterious story of the bone ziggurat, a journey that leads him to the strange the one electronic (or t.o.e. for short) and the equally strange bottle woman. as you can probably tell, it doesn’t take him long to get into trouble. rog, a sinister force wrecking havoc across the land, seeks the bottle woman… and she feels the urge to go to him. before long they’re on the run, seeking to understand rog’s history to discover how to defeat him.

it seems like a simple story at first glance, but the sheer depth and detail dahm pours into this webcomic amplifies the impact by tenfold. it’s one of the best high fantasy stories i’ve ever read and definitely worth the read. once i started i couldn’t stop. before long, i had devoured all 700 some pages.

order of tales isn’t just about the heroic journey. it’s also a story about stories, about myths and legends and the art of storytelling.

if you’ve got some free time to spare, i definitely recommend this comic. it’ll be well worth your time.

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